Project Management Software Comparison for 2013

As an interactive firm that performs sophisticated interactive marketing campaigns, as well as advanced usability engineering and web application development, Lucid Agency has always had the need for very comprehensive and effective project management. However, we’ve never quite found the perfect software suite. Perhaps one day we’ll build one to suite our exact needs, but until then, we’ve taken some time to analyze the currently popular project management suites. Most of them are “SaaS” (Software as a Service) that are on a subscription basis, one is a hosted solution and one is a free multi-platform application. Continue reading

Weekly Digital News Roundup: May 3-7

Instagram Has A New Tagging Feature It Believes Will Be Huge For Brands

  • imagesThis week, according to Business Insider, Instagram introduced ‘Photos of You,’ a new way for users to tag people, businesses, and products in photos. The feature seems similar to “tagging” Facebook photos. And it presents a new opportunity for brands to engage users of the social network.
  • With Photos of You, any Instagram user can add (or, tag) any Instagram account to their photos. An individual can now tag their photos with any other Instagram user, product, or the accounts of businesses. And a business can do the same. For example: now, when Nike posts a photo of an athlete to its Instagram account, it can tag the photo so that the athlete can also add the photo to his or her stream. This engages Nike’s followers as well as any followers of that athlete, increasing the overall number of views of the photo.
  • Brands (and anyone, for that matter) can curate the photos tagged with their name, choosing which to showcase on their profile. This adds a new level of consumer reach — the feature aims to compel users to interact directly with the brands and businesses they follow. Continue reading

Weekly Digital News Roundup: April 26-30

Google: Government Censorship Attempts Increasing

  • urlAccording to Mashable, Google released its traditional six-month Transparency Report Thursday, the seventh since the company started releasing this type of data in 2010. And, according to the report, which covers July to December of 2012, attempts by governments around the world to censor political content on the Internet are increasing.
  • “From July to December 2012, we received 2,285 government requests to remove 24,179 pieces of content—an increase from the 1,811 requests to remove 18,070 pieces of content that we received during the first half of 2012,” Google’s Legal Director Susan Infantino wrote in a blog post. These types of requests have doubled since the second half of 2011, when governments made 1,054 requests to remove 12,071 items.
  • In the blog post, Infantino points out the dramatic increase in government censorship attempts. “It’s become increasingly clear that the scope of government attempts to censor content on Google services has grown,” she wrote. “In more places than ever, we’ve been asked by governments to remove political content that people post on our services.” Continue reading
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