How to Protect your WordPress Site from Hackers

Don’t get us wrong – we love WordPress! We have built countless sites using the world’s most popular CMS – including this one! Unfortunately, because WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, it is also the most targeted. Below, we have compiled a short list of the most important things to keep in mind to secure your WordPress site and keep your data safe!

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Weekly Digital News Roundup: Dec 18 – Dec 22

North Korea’s Internet Outage Highlights an Isolated Online World

  • According to Wall Street Journal, after a nine-hour outage that shut off North Korea’s major propaganda websites from the outside world, service has been mostly restored, leaving questions about the possible involvement of the U.S., which promised last week to “respond proportionally” to a crippling cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. It’s also raised more basic questions about the nature of North Korea’s Internet, which while limited, gives the isolated country one of its few direct connections to the outside world.
  • Some of its propaganda websites and news services are hosted domestically in North Korea, where its sites carry the “.kp” suffix and are only known to be connected to the broader Internet via China United Network Communications Group Co., better known as China Unicom.
  • Even after the restoration of services in the late morning on Tuesday Pyongyang time, the services appeared to struggle with intermittent outages, which could mean that they are suffering a distributed denial of services attack, in which websites are knocked offline by a flood of useless traffic. While it is rare for ordinary citizens to have regular access to the Internet in North Korea, students at elite universities and government and military organs have regular access to the broader Internet, according to North Korean defectors.

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Lucid Agency spreads holiday cheer with a very special Christmas card

Christmas in July

Lucid Agency started planning our holiday card back in July – how’s that for foresight? We knew we wanted to focus on content and create an engaging experience. We settled on a re-telling of the classic “’Twas the night before Christmas” with a little Lucid Agency spin!

We gathered a team of our most clever wordsmiths. Sure we used our copywriters, but the content team also included developers, project managers, and account managers – we wanted the Christmas card to be something fun that would bring everyone together, so it seemed only fitting to get everyone on board for content-creation.

The team crafted the hilarious rendition in just a few hours. We weren’t yet sure how we wanted to use our poem, but we knew it was gold and were already eager to share it – alas it was still 100+ degrees and the holidays were a distant dream. We’d have to wait. Continue reading

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