Weekly Digital News Roundup: Dec 4 – Dec 8

Study Puts a Price Tag on Fake Ad Clicks

  • According to the Washington Post, fraudulent operators using robots to impersonate people clicking on digital ads will rob the advertising industry of $6.3 billion in 2015, according to a report published on Tuesday. The automated clicks, from entities known as bots, account for nearly one-quarter of the views on video ads and more than one in 10 on display ads across the Internet, according to the study, which was conducted by the Association of National Advertisers and White Ops, an online security company.
  • The legitimacy of clicks is crucial to publishers and the brands that advertise with them, because rates are set by the number of people who view ads. The total spending for the digital ad industry in 2014 was roughly $40 billion for display ads and $8.3 billion for video, according to the advertising association.
  • The bots closely mimicked human activity, clicking only a little more frequently than an actual person would and often dragging a mouse over an image or placing an item in a shopping basket without purchasing it. In this way the bots could imitate the kind of purchases an advertiser most desired.

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Weekly Digital News Roundup: Nov 27 – Dec 1

Army of Amazon robots ready to help fulfill orders on Cyber Monday

  • According to The LA Times, this holiday season, Amazon’s little helper is an orange, 320-pound robot called Kiva. The robots — more than 15,000 of them companywide — are part of Amazon’s high-tech effort to get orders to customers faster. By lifting shelves of Amazon products off the ground and speedily delivering them to employee stations, the robots dramatically reduce the time it takes for workers to find items and put them into boxes for shipment.
  • Since acquiring robot-maker Kiva, a Massachusetts company, for $775 million in cash in 2012, the e-commerce retailer has been increasingly implementing automation at its gargantuan fulfillment centers. Kivas, which resemble overgrown Roombas, are capable of lifting as much as 750 pounds and glide across Amazon’s warehouse floors by following rows of sensors.

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Tech Talk: Raspberry Pi

For most, computers are scary black boxes of magic. Raspberry Pi aims to take the edge off of that fear and make computers cool again by sending them to space, making arcade machines, and making sweet robots. Raspberry Pi’s are cheap, basic, credit card sized computers. They were initially designed to teach young people to program, but have become a huge hit with computer fanatics far and wide. They have been made into weather machines, super computers, and even web servers.

Web servers you ask? Yes, although don’t expect it to replace your current hosting provider. These pi’s run a linux operating system, a common operating system for web servers. With a network cable and “a little know how”, someone can build their very own web server. This little machine does not have the processing power to handle tons of requests like a full size server can; don’t expect to host your corporate site on one of these bad boys. It can handle a few requests and be used as a development server or your own intranet.

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