Weekly Digital News Roundup: Mar 19 – Mar 24

Meerkat app: What is it, how does it work and why is it controversial?

  • According to The Mirror Website, there’s a new app in town and it’s proving to be insanely popular. It’s called Meerkat and it’s a video streaming app that’s already raised $12m in funding and has a valuation of $40m. There are already 300,000 active users on the service, including celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Fallon.
  • Meerkat is essentially an app that lets you stream a live video straight from your smartphone to the internet. It works with Twitter, allowing you to broadcast whatever you want to your followers, live.
  • Anyone watching can follow along and comment as the action unfolds. It’s very simple to use and has only two options: start a stream now, or schedule one for later. When you’ve started a stream, a tweet notifies all your followers.
  • It has been rumored that Meerkat will be a very popular app during the upcoming presidential elections and campaigns.

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How To Build Your Professional Network

Building Your Network

No matter what stage you’re at in your professional development, it is essential to consistently network and meet influential people in your industry. Networking allows you to meet interesting people, gives you the opportunity to expand your personal brand, and it informs you about evolving trends or issues happening within your field. Likewise, it gives you numerous contacts to have at your disposal when you may need them most, such as finding a new job. If you’re new to networking or just need a quick refresher, read these tips on how to successfully build and maintain your professional network.

  1. Join professional organizations

Professional organizations, whether they be formal or informal, are often a fun and rewarding outlet to grow your network. They enable you to use your work-brain in a different type of environment and connect with new people. Typically, finding an organization to join is the most challenging step. Use the people around you such as family, friends and coworkers as resources to ask about interesting social groups or organizations available to join in your community. Other excellent sources of information to use when researching professional organizations include social media, your community business center, news channel sites, and your local newspaper.

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Weekly Digital News Roundup: Mar 12 – Mar 16

Google launches cheap storage service for data you don’t often use

  • According to Mashable, today, Google launched a new storage platform for cold data, known as infrequently used and accessed information. Cold data is often kept for legal or regulatory reasons, so the service is clearly designed with businesses in mind. The new platform, called Google Cloud Storage Nearline, costs just $0.01 per GB at rest each month.
  • Other services like this already exist.Amazon Glacier, for example, has comparable pricing. A huge advantage for Google’s Nearline, however, is that it promises it will take mere seconds to access your cold data. With Amazon Glacier, it can take “several hours” to retrieve information.
  • Nearline hopes to blur the line between online and offline storage, hence the “near” part of its name. Cold data is often stored offline to save money. Keeping data immediately available in an online format can be expensive and strenuous, so Nearline offers a potentially game-changing option for businesses with customers who want quick access to stored information without paying the premium price of online storage.

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